Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Print Release mean?

The images taken belong to Vicens. By giving you a print release, he is giving you permission to print these images anywhere you would like for personal use.o add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

If you cancel before the wedding date, we will retain the down payment (because we are turning away other possible bookings). If you cancel within 30 days of the wedding date, the full balance is due. If you are able to find a replacement wedding, we will refund everything. We do however recommend wedding insurance that will take care of situations like these.

How much of a deposit do you require? Do you offer a payment plan?

We require 30% up front and the rest 7 days before the wedding. You can pay monthly before the wedding but we do not offer anything after the wedding.

In case the event runs late, will you stay and do you charge for overtime?

Vicens will never leave without saying good-bye and giving you the option for him to stay longer. If asked to stay another fifteen minutes or less, he probably won't say anything. Longer than that will be charged. You must understand that a wedding is grueling. He carries around almost 20lbs of equipment on his back and he does not stop running, crawling, hanging and dragging for 8 hours straight or more.

Do you charge a travel fee?

Not if the wedding takes place in the Bay Area within a 70 mile radius of Napa.

Do you bring an assistant or second photographer?

Vicens always brings an assistant to help him. The assistant may take some photos for practicing purposes, but the images will never be included in Vicens' work and the sole purpose of the assistant is to aid Vicens. A second photographer or "shooter" is included in some packages, but can also be added to other packages that do not contain this service. The sole purpose of a second shooter is to obtain secondary angles of the event.

I don’t know how to pose. Does Vicens help?

Vicens will guide you through the artistic posed images and tell you what to do. Of course if you get into the spirit of the moment, you can also add in your own fun expression. Vicens is from Spain and has a heavy accent, but he gets the point accross using a combination of verbal instructions and mimicking gestures.

Can we give you a list of specific shots we would like?

We always request a list of family group shots prior to the wedding and one or two special requests. For the rest, if you hire Vicens it is because you trust his vision and you know that he will probably come up with some new cool angles. You have to understand that he is focused on YOU. If he has to consult a list of photos, then he will most probably miss great shots because he is looking down at a list instead of paying attention to you. Having said that, he always tries to accommodate the best he can. It is your special day and he wants you to be happy.

What does "consecutive coverage" mean?

This means that once Vicens starts working, travel time is included in the contracted coverage time. For example, if you hire him for eight hours and move to three different locations (getting ready, ceremony, and reception), the travel time between these venues is included in the eight hours of coverage.

How many pictures do you deliver?

For an eight hour wedding, around 700 to 900 depending on the circumstances (the presence of a second shooter increases this amount).

Does Vicens deliver all images in color?

He delivers all images in color and additionally adds his favorites in black and white.

Once the wedding is done, how long will it take for me to get the pictures?

Anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks depending on the season. He has never gone past 8 weeks.

Are the images on the USB drive the same as the images on the online gallery?

They are identical.

Are the images delivered in high resolution?

All images are in high resolution and contain no watermarks.

Can I take these pictures to get them printed anywhere?

Yes. We offer printing services through our website to make it more convenient for our customers, but if you choose to go elsewhere, we recommend that you select quality labs for prints, and don't forget your release form.

What are your recommendations for a good fit?

It is important for the couple and the photographer to find a good fit. Here are some suggestions as you look through different portfolios. 1) Find the images that make your heart beat a little faster and cause a reaction deep down inside. If you are not well versed in photography style terminology (photojournalism, fine art, editorial, artistic, etc), search for the images that move you and tell a story. Request real wedding samples so you can see a variety. Make sure the photographer is able to cover all aspects of a wedding such as getting ready, details, ceremony, posed group shots, reception and party time. Look at the different lighting as the day progresses. Look at color and composition. Are the images focused? Are they clear and crisp regardless of the style? 2) Meet with the photographer and see what his personality is like. Do you feel a connection or does it feel awkward? Does he inspire confidence in his abilities? Does he show the personality traits that you are looking for? Does he listen? Ask lots of questions. 3) Check online reviews. If there are negative reviews, take the time to see if the photographer has answered and if so, if they give their side of the story in a calm and professional manner while stating the facts. Weddings are fast-paced events and complications can arise. 4) Trust your wedding planner's suggestions. They have worked with the individual before and are familiar with the photographer's professionalism, technical expertise, personality and trustworthiness. 5) If you still cannot decide, perhaps check if the photographer has reputable photography awards. This is usually an indication that he/she is technically good.

What sets Vicens apart from others?

That is mostly up to you. If his images evoke strong emotions, then we are probably a match made in heaven. One thing you will notice about Vicens is that he is passionate about photography and it shows in his work. Regarding technical expertise, he has been recognized several times at international level.

Does Vicens edit the images or are they outsourced?

He lovingly edits all images and this includes color and light correction, framing, and composition. He will also choose his favorites and give them extra artistic love. He does NOT outsource his editing.